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Modern dwellings for modern man – Tiny House Kaufen

Die Minihäuser sind flexibel und vielfältig. Wenn Sie hier oder dort leben möchten, können Sie ein Tiny House on Wheels kaufen, wie unseresTiny House PortoorVerona. Sie können diese Variante problemlos mit dem Auto von Ort zu Ort bewegen. Perfekt für Freigeister, die Abenteuer lieben.

En last but not least zijn de kleine huisjes zelfs duurzaam: Woonruimte wordt immers steeds schaarser. Tiny houses zijn in staat om gaten en hoeken op te vullen die anders niet kunnen worden uitgerust met nieuwe woonruimtes. Hoe minder leefruimte een mens inneemt, hoe beter het is voor het milieu. Door de paar vierkante meters die je in je tiny house woont, verklein je je ecologische voetafdruk.

A plot for a tiny house is ideal from just a few square meters. Our tiny houses range between 12 and 14 square meters, which makes them perfect solutions for small plots. For a tiny house you do not have to buy a
plot of land right away. Instead, you can rent or lease an area to park your tiny house.

For whom are tiny houses suitable?

In principle, a mini house is not limited to a special type of person. Anyone who is interested in this type of living can also make it happen. Many people opt for a tiny house who are creative, stressed by the competitive housing market and long for a piece of peace and tranquility in their own homes. From singles to couples to smaller families, tiny houses are excellent housing solutions. Especially the generation of “digital nomads”
appreciate this possibility: To be able to carry out the remote job regardless of the location is possible thanks to a Tiny House on Wheels.

But tiny houses are not only suitable for living. Using a tiny house as an office is a possibility that more and more people are pursuing. Be it the small start-up or your private self-employment: With our mobileTiny House Officeyou create a modern workplace.

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